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13 June 2005 @ 12:09 am
RP Log: ooc!Ryuhou and ic!Shiirice  
Who: ooc!Ryuhou and ic!Shiirice
What: They meet up randomly, Shiirice is confused. PG.
When: Current

Shiirice spotted Ryuhou sitting at an open air cafe. Sure, all she could see was the back of his head since a partition was in the way, but she'd recognize Ryuhou anywhere. "Ryuuhou!" Huffing but trying her best to hurry to Ryuhou's side, Shiirice ran down the sidewalk. She rounded the partition, to see a man that for every detail looked like her Ryuhou except for some major details in his garb. Shiirice stood agape. Ryuhou would never be caught dead in that outfit. Shiirice's mind raced with thoughts about why Ryuhou would be dressed like that. And only one idea could form: He must me undercover as a male prostitute. "Oh. My. God. Did I just blow your cover?"

Blinking, Ryu-chan turned to see the blue-haired girl. "Shiirice!" he said with a bright grin, leaping up from his seat to embrace her in a tight, friendly hug. "So good to see you, darling!"

Shiirice was thinking about why the Commander didn't send someone that actually fit the assignment, like Tachibana for instance, when Ryuhou glomped. Once again she was shocked. "Rrryuhou! What are you doing?" She could feel the blush rising to her cheeks. She had always dreamt of something like this. But now that it was happening, here in the middle of public, she was flustered beyond belief.

"Just greeting an old friend," Ryuhou replied with a quick peck to her cheek. Setting her down, he flipped a bit of his shoulder-length green hair over his shoulder and returned to sitting on the bench. "Sit down and talk to me, beautiful!" He tugged on the hem of his light mauve tank-top, pulling it down just to the waist of his tight black jeans.

Shiirice touched the spot on her cheek that he had kissed. The 'beautiful' comment also caught her off guard. "Ryuhou, what's go into you? Are you on assignment or something?" An assignment would be a viable explaination. That or he was on something. "Are you feeling alright? You haven't... er, taken anything today, have you?"

Ryu-chan shook his head, smiling brightly at the girl. "No assignment, I'm just out enjoying the day! I'm feeling great!" he said cheerfully. "And call me Ryu-chan, it sounds much better, don't you think?"

"I like Ryuhou but if you want me to call you 'Ryu-chan' I will," Shiirice edged cautionly closer to him before whispering, "Um, why are you dressed like that instead of your uniform?" Then Shiirice got flustered hoping she didn't get too uncomfortably personal with him. "Not that that tank doesn't show off your arms and those pants..." Shiirice knew she could vocalize what those pants showed off, "What I meant was..."

"Mm, thank you, darling!" Ryu-chan said with a giggle, flipping his hair again. "I borrowed the shirt from my new friend Kazu-chan... he's got the best taste in clothes! That old HOLY uniform was nice, but it just doesn't show off my body enough." Looking her up and down, he smiled brightly. "You've got lovely arms too, cutie... should show them off more. Something shorter, tighter, might do better on you, I think."

Shiirice was still trying to process the name 'Kazu-chan'. "But you always used to complain that the female uniforms were too impractical and distracting." Admittedly, Shiirice knew that Ryuhou was referring to the uniform being distracting to the regular HOLD member and not himself but now he was encouraging her to, not only dress against regulation, but be even more skimmpy dressed.

Ryuhou pursed his lips, looking her up and down. "Well, the skirt is nice, shows off those lovely curvy legs of yours," he replied. "But you really need to balance it with some of your better assets. I mean, what's with neck-high collars? Can't a girl show a little cleavage?" He sighed dramatically. "My double just has no sense of style if he told you that."

Shiirice smiled a bit at the compliments but her expression changed when she heard about the double. "Double? You mean you...aren't Ryuhou?"

"Of course I'm Ryuhou!" he replied, jumping to his feet and giving a little twirl. "Ryuhou, Ryu-chan, the new and improved clone, courtesy of the mainland, at your service, my dear!"

"No one can be better than Ryuhou," Shiirice got to her feet instantly on guard. Maybe she should go call for backup. "Why did the Mainland send you?"

"Don't know and don't care, love," Ryuhou replied with a wink. "All I know is I'm here, I'm beautiful, and I'm gonna enjoy my life!"

"Don't call me 'Love'," Shiirice said coldly. Even if he was incredibly hot, he still wasn't her Ryuhou.

"Hmm, then what should I call you, sweetie?" Ryuhou replied with a sparkling grin. One could almost see the shoujo-bubbles dancing behind him. "Someone so cute should have a cute name, ne?"

Shiirice blinked back. She didn't know what the Mainland was planning but there had to be a law against someone having that nice of a smile. She had to get with Ryuhou to see how they would handle the new threat that these clones possed. "Call me Shiirice," Shiirice said clearing her throat and ignoring the blush on her cheeks. Soon if this continued he'd start calling her darling and other names that bordered on... well, it just sounded weird.

"All right then... Shiirice-chan," Ryuhou replied with another dazzling smile. "You're really cute when you blush... maybe you should wear more makeup to show that."

Shiirice couldn't help but blush again as she watched her Ryuhou's double turn and leave. He certainly wiggled his rear more than the regular Ryuhou.